Sunday 7 October is Harvest Sunday at Holy Trinity.  Food gifts are welcomed for the Ascot Day Centre and the Bracknell Foodbank.  Please see the list below.

Tinned Meat

Tinned Fish

Tinned Rice Pudding

Tinned Fruit

Tinned Tomatoes

Pasta Sauce

Long Grain Rice (500g/1 kilo)

Sponge Pudding (twin pack or tinned)

Custard (tinned or packet)

Long Life Milk 1 litre

Long Life Fruit Juice 1 litre

Potatoes (tinned or dried)

Tinned Vegetables

Jam (honey or marmalade)

Tea Bags


Toilet Rolls


Holy Trinity Primary School Harvest Services in Church are on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th October.  On Wednesday 17th the Pastoral Team, with helpers from year 6 at Holy Trinity

School, will sort the donations for distribution.