Arrange a Wedding

We love conducting weddings at Holy Trinity Sunningdale (HTS) and if
you are considering us for your special day – thank you! Regulations

changed some years ago to allow weddings at other licensed venues
but we think getting married in church is the very best place to do so.
There are two considerations at the start of the process, one is about
connection to Holy Trinity Sunningdale and the other is whether or not
one or both have been married before.
Connection. To conduct a marriage at Holy Trinity we have to establish
a connection with this particular parish and parish church. If you
already live in the parish then the connection is automatic – we are
your parish church. There are other connections though.

If either of you lived in the parish for at least 6 months.
If either of you were baptised (Christened) at HTS.
If either of you were confirmed in the parish.
If either of you attended services here for at least 6 months.

If one of your parents lived in the parish for at least 6 months
If one of your parents attended services here for at least 6 months
One of your parents or grandparents was married at HTS

If you don’t qualify through any of the connections mentioned above
then you can create a connection by making this your church and
attending regularly. Once you have settled into a pattern of attending
and have done so for 6 months we can then look to arrange a wedding.

Please note we cannot book a wedding with you before you have
begun attending, it's after you have established yourself through
Previous Marriage. When regulations changed to allow divorcees to
marry in the Church of England, clergy were allowed to opt out of
conducting weddings for divorcees if their theological understanding
prevented them in all good conscience from doing so.
I do re-marry divorcees and the Wardens and PCC at Holy Trinity are
very happy to welcome couples coming for marriage where one or
both have been married before. I do reserve the right to talk this
through with a couple before confirming a wedding date as there
might be circumstances where it would be inappropriate, but please do

get in touch and discuss this with me (
If you would like to enquire further or find out about the cost of a
wedding at HTS, please call us on 01344 621886 or email us


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